Sol Solis

My annual supplication.

Why hello there, My Dear Readers. It seems to be that time of the year again, and this time I am beseeching my dear Cincinnatian comrades - yes, you there, you know who you are - to help your beloved Karen and Than move their boundless crap, junk, furniture, and dry goods up Hamilton Avenue from Clifton to the mystical municipality of North College Hill.

Why, you ask? Why should you spend your precious, hard-earned time to help these two wacky doodles ferry their belongings northward to their new townhouse? Beer. Beer and Pizza. Beer, Pizza and Their Undying Adoration (heretofore referred to as the great BPTUA).

So, My Dear Readers, if you are free on one or more occasions from Friday 11 April to Monday 14 April, why not lend us a hand and join in our bountiful great BPTUA?

(Applications accepted via comment, phone, or window-brick.)
Sol Solis


I should have posted this earlier, but my massive brain tumor / other excuse seems to continue to interfere with my memory:

We are headed to the Enchanted Ball to celebrate this Halloween. Food, drinks, fire dancing, crazy people, it's all going to be there. You should be there too. Karen shall be the pirate queen, and I shall be her software pirate minion that sails the ANSI C.

Beatings shall commence now.
Sol Solis

At least two years.

Holy shit, people. Go ahead, tell me that it's been forever.

The contract with BakeryCrafts is still going. Writing some fine code. Wish you could see it. Going to be doing most/all of the GUI/Application programming as well as the backend chicanery. Perhaps I'll post some screenshots if demand is high enough?

Moved into a big new apartment almost three months ago. Plenty of space for a Karen and a cat. Richard made the move all the way from CO into the same complex. Aren't seeing much of him now that he's got a job. He should post his hours or something. I should be passive-aggressive about it.

Signed myself a shiny new contract with AT&T/Cingular, so Karen and I have sparkly new phones. My old (current) phone will be toast before the next few weeks are up, so if you want my new number (or address), contact me. Maybe I'll put it up in a friends-only post. Maybe I'll be lazy and just tell you to IM me or something.

Karen is making jewelry now. It is gorgeous (and handcrafted from only the finest materials), and you should commission her work (hint: binarygoddess). You can view some of her pieces here until the website is ready to go.

Oh damn the cat is just shedding himself a furry clone over here.
Sol Solis


If you live in Evansville, this is the end of your lucky year. I mean ... this is your lucky end of the year. Because the binarygoddess and I are coming to town!

We will arrive Friday night around somethingish (like 21.00 maybe) and leaving after hangover o'clock on Monday. So if you want to want to hang or consort or at the very least reunite, let me know.

I'm talking to you, Mr. Hagman.
Sol Solis

Too Late!

Tragedy struck earlier when I forgot to tell everyone that my hot girlfriend Karen's (binarygoddess) birthday was this past day, prompting her to eat my brain.

It's not too late to send her presents! Or at least tell her how much you adore her.

In other news: almost certainly going to be in Evansville to ring in the new year. So ... be there.

In other other news: Still subcontracting with Bakery Crafts as an embedded systems programmer. Am preparing for the biggest Xmas yet.

Life is good right now.
Sol Solis

Before it's too late.

Go to Panda's psychedelic goa trance party.

Saturday 9. December 2006
Doors at 23.00 / 11 PM
422 Lincoln Park Dr. / Evansville, IN
$5 at the door
No drugs
No booze
Free water

You have no other option.